Recently I looked online for a printed version of the Federalist Papers.

The first result showed promise.

Then I started reading the reviews.

The posts conveying the tingles of nostalgia about the heft, the smell, the artwork of a good hardcover, one without a dust jacket, one that is embellished and decorated directly … resonated within me.

I like a finely crafted and well adorned hardcover.

There are even statistics that printed volumes are doing just fine: Print Books are Still Outselling ebooks

I’ve been buying my latest stuff on iBooks. The convenience is totally there.

But there is just something about a quality hardcover, and to a lesser, bind cracking, extent, a softcover, that just feels right; in the hands and in the soul.

I like me a solid, lay-flat hardcover. 😀

I think I’ll order that Federalist Papers hardcover book now.


Author: Danpassarobooks

Carnegie Mellon BSMechE changing the science and military fiction author dream into reality.

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