The Author

Born in Lima, Peru Mr. Passaro was brought to New York at the age of three.  A short time later had him growing up in New Rochelle, NY and graduating from New Rochelle High School.

After living several lifetimes filling out college applications with “New Rochelle, NY” Mr. Passaro attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  Mr. Passaro then went to work in the automotive industry in Detroit, MI.

Projects included engine design and development, Truck interior seat structures/trim and then Automotive Suspension design and development.

His hobbies include General Aviation Flying, Motorcycle Riding, SCUBA, Reading, Target Shooting, Amateur Radio and Photography.

All the expensive stuff!

An outer space nerd since forever, Mr. Passaro volunteers time to AMSAT, The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation.

As far as Mr. Passaro’s favorite author goes …. that would be Tom Clancy.

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