Distance In Time: Michelle

In 2044 the Chairman and his wife Michelle left Earth, taking their Fold Drive technology with them and wiping out all traces of the designs …

It is now 2349 and the interstellar battleship, ‘Millennium’, the newest and fastest ship in the fleet, has been sent ten times further than any human has gone before to investigate an electromagnetic signature, a signal disturbingly similar to that produced by highly classified propulsion technology currently in development. But the signal source is along the same vector of the failed deep space cruiser ‘Wind Chaser’ mission … 130 years earlier.

When contact is made they find an alien ship generating the signature. The very first alien contact since humans began traveling beyond the Sol System. Cautiously Major Crawford and his Marine squad get on board, but there are no aliens, just two engineering notebooks with handwriting inside … handwriting in English Standard.

How can that be?

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