TIWIR – I’m adding another series to the blog

I’m calling this blog series TIWIR; an acronym for ‘This Is What I Read’.  😀

The idea for this came from various comments on the podcast episode How Bestselling Author Austin Kleon Writes: Part One from The Writer Files (iTunes podcast link).

Austin talks about taking an alternative route to putting drafts online, to instead write about books you’ve been reading, blog about helpful writing tools, talk about the structure of a certain book, decipher the process … to leave drafts to your test readers, your spouse, your writing group, your really close friends.

The goal of this series will be to convey what I’ve learned in reading a book versus writing the typical book review; “Loved it because” “Hated it because” … and so on.

One consequence of this will be spoilers galore!  Thou hast been given notice lol.


Author: Danpassarobooks

Carnegie Mellon BSMechE changing the science and military fiction author dream into reality.

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