The One Key to Success …

… and how to use it.

That’s nice, isn’t it? Just one thing, one key, one principle to work with.

No multiple steps, no lists … just one item.

One truth.

Ok man, what is it?

Self discipline.

What? That’s it? I’ve read that eleventybillion times!

And eleventybillion times you’ve been told that to have self discipline, to practice it, to see its results you have to do A, B and C, you have to do 1-9.

Well … no, you don’t.

A very wealthy individual looked me in the eye one day and told me that “the key to success was self discipline”.

But he didn’t stop with that, the fluff. He immediately continued on with the meat:

” … and self discipline is quite simply ‘remembering what you want’

So when you’ve determined to get to your ideal weight, and that magnificent cupcake is staring you in the face, will it be willpower that overcomes the temptation?


But imagination will … easily.

How do you remember what you want? Use your imagination.

When that cupcake is calling out to you in multiple languages you put your imagination to work. You tell yourself ‘I’m in my favorite jeans from two years ago’. You start envisioning how that was before, 22 lbs ago.

Very quickly you’ve literally forgotten about that cupcake as your eyes catch a glimpse of that great book from last night.

You start reading, then you’re two chapters in and decide to get some water.

There’s the cupcake again. You really had forgotten about it. The moment is long over and you simply toss it in the trash.

It didn’t take immense determination, you didn’t have to knuckle up, you didn’t have to drink three glasses of water at the time to fill your stomach.

You just used your imagination, not your willpower, to remember what you wanted. You exercised self discipline without even being conscious of it.

Imagination always wins.

So make it work for you.

Set your goals. The same wealthy man and his wealthy acquaintances said the same thing about goals.

Write them down. Have ONE main goal. Broke people have NO goals, average people have TOO MANY goals, but successful people … they have ONE goal.

The one written goal gives your imagination an anchor, a starting point.

A solid foundation.

What do they build on solid foundations?


Reach for the sky. It’s your dream, your goals.

And only share those goals with like minded people.


Three tips for using iOS Pages on iPhone

Ever think of writing a manuscript on an iPhone? You can on the iPhone 6 Plus. The Bluetooth also allows for one to use a keyboard with iOS Pages but this is about just the phone.

1. Use an iPhone 6 Plus

In my experience attempting to write on an iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or even iPhone 6 is a real problem.

It’s difficult to type for any length of time in portrait mode and the Pages app zooms in to the text eliminating any visual advantage.

Once you turn it into landscape mode the keyboard leaves only about two lines to work with at any one time.

This brings us to the 6 Plus and the iPad Mini (the regular iPad is too large, I had tried once lol).

The Mini, using the split keyboard (thumbs, one on G, the other on H, then spread your thumbs apart), is really the only viable way to screen type on that platform.

I’ve done lots of writing on the Mini. No problem really.

But this is about iPhone and the Plus is the way to go.

Every now and then hit ‘Done’ or the Keyboard/DownArrow graphic (shown in landscape) to review your work as the app will automatically zoom out.

Turning the phone to portrait mode will maintain the zoomed out mode and you can read a full page at once.

2. Use one master file for your manuscript

I first started with writing each chapter in its own file. It quickly became unwieldy.

I then put all the chapters, in the proper order into one Main file. Much better lol.

There is a Share function in Pages that works using email. Every now and then add the date to your Main file filename and then email it to yourself. I Share in Pages, MSWord and PDF formats. This way I have all three options sitting in my email that I can then save to hard drive(s), Dropbox and even leave on the server.
Then remove the date from your Main file in Pages and carry on.

I still have separate files for character notes or research points, etc.

Which brings us to …

3. You can group files into their own folders

Press and hold on one file, drag on top of another file and presto, Pages creates a folder that you can then label accordingly. Tap once on the folder and it will expand to show the contents.

Four tips for writing with your iPhone 6 Plus

What have I written with my iPhone 6 Plus? This entire post for example, pictures and everything.

I’ve written entire chapters with it as well.

Is it my first choice? Nope. But it happens to be a very adequate second choice.

Here are four tips for using an iPhone 6 Plus as a writer’s tool.

1. Do NOT upgrade your phone to iCloud Drive
The online forums talk about files getting lost, new changes not being saved …
Do NOT upgrade your phone to iCloud Drive.
Your files are still saved to iCloud you just won’t be able to use the Pages/Keynote/Numbers apps on the web portal until the web portal is upgraded.

2. Use Apple’s Pages app
I put this second only because of how important it is to NOT upgrade your phone to iCloud Drive. I wanted to mention that first.

Make sure your phone is set up and activated to use iCloud (not iCloud Drive). Your first 5gb is free so go ahead and do it.
I discovered that I did NOT have to upgrade the web portal to see changes from one iOS device on the other. Anything I did on Pages on my iOS 8 iPhone 6 Plus showed up in Pages on my iOS 7 iPad Mini. I just couldn’t use the web Pages.

Writing using iOS Pages allows for automatic backup to your iCloud.

Naturally this could be very important one day so I’ve stuck with this combo.
Until you upgrade the web portal though you won’t be able use web based Pages on the desktop.
I don’t have an Apple desktop or laptop at the moment but when I did I found that Mac App Pages (vs web Pages) also backed up to iCloud when set up properly.
I could make changes on my iPhone 5 (at the time) and see them in the Mac App Pages file.

On your behalf I bit the bullet one day concerning the web portal for Pages and I can report that it IS OKAY to upgrade the web portal to iCloud Drive-ness.

3. Typing on your iPhone 6 Plus
As I mentioned earlier I’m writing this entire post on my phone using Pages. Then copy and paste into the WordPress web portal (because the iOS app has such poor reviews lol).

I’m typing in landscape mode. The additional function keys have been very useful.
The graphics on the left are as follows:

Cut (the scissors)
Copy (the A with another box behind)
Bold (the heavy B)
Paste (the graphic is supposed to represent a glue bottle lol)
Undo (the curved arrow. Press and hold will not give you Redo)
Microphone (for dictation. It actually works great … sitting on the couch at home, in the quiet, which is the only place I’ve tried it.)


The size of the phone makes it easier to type on than my iPad Mini, even when using the separated keyboard (thumbs on G and H then move apart).
I’ve since given the Mini to Mom lol.

The additional screen real estate on the Plus is very noticeable over the regular 6.

Several of the function keys are missing from the landscape mode on the regular iPhone 6. This was another reason I went with the Plus.

These are the things I tested out in-store before finally settling on a Plus model.

4. Stick to a process.
I like simple. You’ve heard the phrase KISS. I like the adult version of the acronym:


I do stuff on iOS Pages and it immediately updates to my iCloud. From there I can log in to the web Pages and make changes, updates, whatever.

It is automatic and seamless.

Any other apps would mean using yet a second app for backup or saving.
Hey, I use Dropbox too for stuff, but not for writing.

When I’m again at the coffee shop I can whip out my iPhone 6 Plus and continue on with the same exact file.

This way I always have notes, drafts, character updates, everything … in one place.

I love writing in a small notebook with pencil but I’ve become honest with myself, I’ll have the notebook sometimes, I’ll have the Mini sometimes, but I’ll ALWAYS have my phone.

And the Plus is still small enough to put in my front pocket. 😀

Comments are always welcome.

Thanks for reading!

Five steps for enjoying your iPhone 6 Plus

Here’s how I managed to enjoy my iPhone 6 Plus, aka iPad Micro 😀

For a while I had the iPhone 5. I chose to skip the 5S model and held on to my upgrade until I saw what the 6 series would be all about. I also had an iPad Mini (first model).

Then two 6 models were released. I visited the Apple store at least three times to play with both models.

On the first visit I discovered that I could trade in my 5. $209 credit toward the purchase of a 6.

The catch? I had to buy in-store. An online upgrade would be a mess to then bring into the store, return it, buy it back, restore the upgrade, apply the upgrade, apply the trade-in.

What a nightmare that would have been.

I had no problem buying in-store. Supply was the issue. I ended up driving an hour and a half to the Apple store in the Mall at Wellington Green in south Florida.

Picked up a white 6 Plus 64gb. Why did I get white? Because black wasn’t available lol. I got tired of waiting. Also picked up an Apple leather cover.

1. Determine how you use your phone most.
I always used mine as a tool first, phone second.
Tool; contact book, texting, remote desktopping, email, and sporadically, iMovie and Pages.
If you use your phone AS A PHONE I would recommend the regular 6. I was leaning that way until I sat down and determined that the phone function was really secondary in my usage pattern.

2. Try them out in-store.
I played with three key functions while in the store: landscape for most everything, iMovie, and Pages. The three things I used most between my iPhone and iPad Mini.
That’s right, I chased the Plus to replace both my phone and tablet.
The additional function keys have turned out to be much handier than anticipated. I’ve drafted query letters and entire chapters on my 6 Plus now.

3. Get an Apple leather cover.
A bit pricey but fortunately it’s worth it.
Feels real good, maintains the thinness of the phone, and allows for a nice, secure grip on the phone.
I had the Apple leather cover for my 5 and was very pleased with it. I also had the Apple leather case for my Mini and was impressed with that as well.
If you appreciate the minimalist approach you can see that the Apple leather cases are well thought out.

4. Use your new iPhone 6 Plus exclusively during the 14 day trial period.
You have 14 days to return the phone, no questions asked, if it really doesn’t work out for you. Make the most of that time by using it exclusively.
I used my store visits to make my determination.

5. Don’t upgrade the software until you’re sure it won’t mess things up.
I used to upgrade right away. Fortunately, with iOS 7, I began to wait, to see how the ‘update’ affected things.
I purchased my iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 8.1 and Set Up As New. I lost my text history but that’s ok. Everything else was always in iCloud (except photos).
I also turned off Auto Updates … period.
I peruse the New Changes first whenever an App update shows up. Then I decide if I want to upgrade it at that time lol.
Same thing with the operating system. If it works great I’ll wait a couple of upgrade versions before I think about making any changes. Again, same thing with Carrier Settings. I’ll wait, see what the online forums says about it.

So that’s it! Enjoy your new iPhone 6 Plus!

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