The One Key to Success …

… and how to use it.

That’s nice, isn’t it? Just one thing, one key, one principle to work with.

No multiple steps, no lists … just one item.

One truth.

Ok man, what is it?

Self discipline.

What? That’s it? I’ve read that eleventybillion times!

And eleventybillion times you’ve been told that to have self discipline, to practice it, to see its results you have to do A, B and C, you have to do 1-9.

Well … no, you don’t.

A very wealthy individual looked me in the eye one day and told me that “the key to success was self discipline”.

But he didn’t stop with that, the fluff. He immediately continued on with the meat:

” … and self discipline is quite simply ‘remembering what you want’

So when you’ve determined to get to your ideal weight, and that magnificent cupcake is staring you in the face, will it be willpower that overcomes the temptation?


But imagination will … easily.

How do you remember what you want? Use your imagination.

When that cupcake is calling out to you in multiple languages you put your imagination to work. You tell yourself ‘I’m in my favorite jeans from two years ago’. You start envisioning how that was before, 22 lbs ago.

Very quickly you’ve literally forgotten about that cupcake as your eyes catch a glimpse of that great book from last night.

You start reading, then you’re two chapters in and decide to get some water.

There’s the cupcake again. You really had forgotten about it. The moment is long over and you simply toss it in the trash.

It didn’t take immense determination, you didn’t have to knuckle up, you didn’t have to drink three glasses of water at the time to fill your stomach.

You just used your imagination, not your willpower, to remember what you wanted. You exercised self discipline without even being conscious of it.

Imagination always wins.

So make it work for you.

Set your goals. The same wealthy man and his wealthy acquaintances said the same thing about goals.

Write them down. Have ONE main goal. Broke people have NO goals, average people have TOO MANY goals, but successful people … they have ONE goal.

The one written goal gives your imagination an anchor, a starting point.

A solid foundation.

What do they build on solid foundations?


Reach for the sky. It’s your dream, your goals.

And only share those goals with like minded people.


Author: Danpassarobooks

Carnegie Mellon BSMechE changing the science and military fiction author dream into reality.

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